I made a playlist. I'm going to try and keep making playlists. Every Tuesday. Ten tunes in each one.

I stopped listening to music a while ago. I didn't stop exactly, I was just listening to the same tunes over and over again. (Love you, Carly Rae.) I didn't seek out new music which is weird for me because I'm usually pretty rabid when it comes to new stuff: new books, new films, new tv shows, new, new, new... Then I realised, 'Shit me, I'm turning into a person that doesn't even try.' 

But I'm going try. There are tonnes of studies showing how listening to music (especially new music) is good for your brain. Brains love new stuff. They love reading new books, eating new dinners, seeing things they've never seen before... Brains are the worst for FOMO. 

So, to sate my brain (and yours) here's the first one. Think of it as sweet aural medicine. Until next week...